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Right team for your R&D project

We are the team of like-minded persons, each one is happy doing his favorite job.

We allocate non-core activities, noticeably improving efficiency and reducing costs.

We made dozens of complex custom-designed devices together, side by side.

We are ready to help you.
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The Third pin was founded by two engineers. At the beginning of their careers, they worked for hire, one as circuit designer and other as software developer. While working, they encountered the main problem of product development departments - inefficient management and underuse. They switched to freelance and created dozens of electronic devices together.
But the more challenging the projects became, the more it became clear that technical competencies alone were not enough. Efficiency requires qualified project management.
So the idea was born to create an outsourcing company that combines strong engineers and expierenced managers.
Today, many years later, you can use the experience of our team to create your product, having received all the best from engineers without extra costs.

You know your market and your customers demands. We have all the rest to give your business what is needed: a functional device, designed for manufacturability. Tested. Reliable. Fully documented. Right on time.
Ivan Larionov
Co-Founder, CEO
We love to create.
Join us!
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  • Beloostrovskaya 23, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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