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Who we are?
Meet the top-notch team of engineers.
We create custom electronics that benefit.
It's time to discuss your project!
Why choose us?
There is a great number of custom electronics design firms.
Only a part of them is business-oriented.
Very few of them do it efficiently.
We do.

We have a spotless track record of engineering projects from entirely different fields
You always know what we do.
Surely, we warn, if anything goes wrong.
We bring projects to a conclusion.
We have a responsibility towards our work and work of co-executors.
We have all necessary tools
to work on your project.
We keep secrets.
Transfer of rights
All results and sources belong to you. It's set down in the contract.
This is how we do it
1. We discuss
We estimate the risk, possible budget, feasibility, and economic efficiency.
2. We propose
We use Time-and-Materials - a flexible model of project management with payment for time and materials spent in fact.
3. We draft Terms of Reference
We gather all the requirements in a single document.
4. We plan
We divide a project into milestones and set intermediate results for each of them. We estimate the budget and time frames.
5. We design
We work on a project and report regularly on successes and failures. We clarify the plan if necessary.
6. We test
We take part in product testing and certification. We fix all malfunctions and finalize the device.
7. We produce
We choose a site and produce prototype series. We automate testing and set up a serial production.
8. We deliver
We watch for the production quality and organize delivery.
9. We support and improve
We modernize the device and issue updates for it. If needed - provide warranty services.
Let's discuss your project!
Frequently asked questions
1. How do I know if I need bespoke electronics design services?
You need bespoke electronics design services if...

Your device:
  • does not have existing analogues
  • there are analogues, but they are not suitable due to functionality
  • there are foreign analogues, but you require local ones
Your company:
  • does not have in-house design department
  • has a design department but it is overworked
  • has a design department, but it needs more certain competences
2. How much do you cost?
It depends on many factors: functionality of the device, its anticipated amount of production, need for integration with orther systems etc.

We will give you our estimates as soon as we understand your task. We will calculate a precise time frame and cost of each stage after the Terms of Reference are approved.
3. How long will it take to design my device?
See the answer to the prevous question.

We will calculate a time frame and cost of each stage after the Terms of Reference are approved.
4. In your portfolio there is no project similar to mine.
Are you sure you can do that?
Yes. Unique projects are our speciality.
5. Why are you better than freelancers?
Our main advantage is good management.
This allows us to undertake long-term and complex projects and bring them to a conclusion.
6. Why is it better to hire you and not staff members?
It will take long before a new engineer integrates into the team and becomes of value. We solve tasks here and now and do not waste your time.
Сheck out the portfolio
Bespoke devices and in-house products
Telemetry and control module for vending machines.
Wireless system to measure temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure in spaces for various uses.
The control system for 4-channel SHF receiver module
See dozens of our other projects
We co-operate with
  • Startups
    We help to optimize design expenses and avoid many mistakes. We know how to turn a prototype to a mass-produced device.
  • Trade companies
    We help to organize and control the production of devices under your trademark.
  • Production companies
    We support the selection of the best manufacturer, including finding ways to reduce costs and reject rates. Also, we organize automated control over the final product yield.
  • Service companies
    We help with the digitalization of your business. We design a brand-new device with unique functionality and support its implementation at your site.
  • IT-companies
    We give competent advice both on the hardware design and on the integration issues. We provide you with an experienced team to solve certain engineering tasks.
  • System integrators
    We find an appropriate technology for an unusual problem. We design and produce electronics for Industry 4.0. We provide support during the whole project life cycle.
  • Scientists
    We modernize obsolete equipment. We design and produce unique electronics for scientific research.
Already with us
Our customers and partners
  • The main distinguishing feature work of LLC "Third Pin" is high organization and efficiency of employees organization, readiness quickly respond to change circumstances.
    Navis corp.
  • During the joint work on a number of projects, the employees of the company "Third pin" have established themselves as responsible and competent professionals capable of performing complex engineering tasks at a high level.
    Resonance LLC
  • We recommend OOO "Third pin" as a reliable and stable business partner.
    JSC "EC-ICS"
  • Optoteh LLC has long-term experience of successful work with Third pin LLC in the field of development of electronics. All orders were carried out at a high level of quality and within the deadlines.
    Optoteh LLC